Ten Reasons Why People Choose us

  1. Our programs are proven, with exceptional results for our students. We have trained and placed dozens of our graduates in high-paying positions with United States-based technology leaders.
  2. Our instructors are highly skilled professionals who have experience working for our nation’s leading companies and government agencies, including Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, IBM, Accenture, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and more. Their extensive industry experience is incorporated into course materials to enhance student learning, elevate knowledge leadership, and create a blueprint for professional success from day one of employment.
  3. We conduct bi-weekly academic assessments and generate relevant feedback that provides our students a snapshot of current performance and opportunities for potential improvement.
  4. We provide high-level resume building and intensive interview preparation for our students.
  5. Outstanding students are allowed the opportunity to interview with our leading industry employment partners.
  6. Our “Adopt a Student” program connects our program graduates who are currently employed in the IT industry with current students, to mentor them and contribute to their future professional success.
  7. We prepare our students for industry certification exams with highly effective reviews that increase successful employment outcomes and augment base salary and benefits.
  8. On course completion, our students complete ten real-world, highly relevant IT projects. This requirement strengthens practical IT experience and develops critical collaboration skills that improve professional performance.
  9. Online class enrollment allows students to review class videos for up to two weeks after the class is held, for more successful integration of course information.
  10. Instructors are always standing by and available to assist students with questions and support

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We are here to help shape your career life!


Q: What do I receive when graduate?

A: On successful course completion, you will have gained and demonstrated understanding of the theory behind Linux systems, as well as how to translate theory into practical applications. In addition, all graduates receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Introductory skills set that includes Virtualization, Networking, Storage, Monitoring Tools, Change Management, Configuration Management, and more
  • Hands-on experience and real-world practical know-how, including projects/presentations you can share with potential employers
  • Post-graduate employment support
Q: What jobs do Btek Training  Graduates earn?

A: Students who successfully complete our Linux/Cloud/DevOps course curricula are qualified for the following positions:

  • Linux System Administrator
  • Linux System Engineer
  • Linux Engineer
  • Linux System Architect
  • Cybersecurity Administrator
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Infrastructure System Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Amazon Cloud Solutions Architect
Q: Does Btek help write resumes for their Graduates?

A: No! Every Btek graduate is technically well equipped to write out their own resumes. Btek however, helps review student resumes and make recommendations.

Q: Does Btek accept partial fee payments?

A: Yes, but students must pay an upfront registration fees, and sign promissory agreement before being admitted into class. The remainder of the fees must be paid in full before the middle of any class session. Payment deadlines for every class session shall be posted on the bulletin board.

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Course detail requirement

Btek offers a range of courses with greater flexibility in schedule and fair pricing; courses are offered online and in-class. Below are our course details and general requirements…

Accelerated 6-Month Linux/Cloud/DevOps Course

  • Online and on-site classes
  • Meet Tuesday evening, Saturday morning
  • Class materials provided
  • Real-world instruction environment
  • Call for next class session

Accelerated 3-Month Cybersecurity Training

  • Online and on-site classes
  • Online classes Saturday (exact time negotiated between instructor and students), on-site classes Saturday 6 pm
  • Course syllabus and other class materials provided
  • Hands-on demonstrations of security tools and designs
  • In-class quizzes, exam questions, and lab exercises

Course Requirements

  • 18+ years old
  • Authorized to work in the USA
  • Commitment to career change and dedication to study
  • Laptop with minimum 6GB RAM and 500GB memory
  • No IT background required!

We will go above & beyond our duty to ensure that you obtain the best training and become well equipped to enter the job market. We equally organize ad-hoc webinars for our current and ex-students at no additional cost. Check our bulletin for upcoming webinars and career fairs!

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