Btek is training the next generation of Security Analysts, Administrators, and Engineers and equipping them with the professional security tools required to prevent and counteract security threats. Our graduates represent the first line of defense against technology infrastructure threats around the world.

Our Security Course delivers high quality and exceptionally rigorous  Security + CE training, alongside real-world practical exposure to a variety of advanced security tools.

Btek Training Cybersecurity Training focuses on today’s most critical topics, including:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Operating system security
  • Host- and network-based intrusion detection
  • Penetration testing
  • Incident management

Summarized Security+ Course Outline is as follows:

  • Introduction to basic security concepts
  • Deep dive into security domains
  • Best security practices for enterprises
  • Security incident management and malware scans
  • Vulnerability assessment, remediation, and management
  • Lab exercises: utilizing scanning tools and implementing policies
  • IDS/IPS tool usage
  • Security + CE certification exam preparation

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The rapid proliferation of cyber threats is raising security concerns globally among businesses, organizations, and individuals. Successfully managing these threats requires professional partnerships and a joint deterrence strategy that deploys multiple layers of security.

Our unique Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) course is a comprehensive program that audits the knowledge, abilities, and skills of information systems professionals. On CAP course completion, students are eligible to take the certification:

  • ISC2-CAP Certification Exam

Our CAP course outline includes critical topics like:

  • NIST publications and operational guidelines
  • Authorization of information systems
  • Systems hardening and security baselining
  • Application & assessment of security controls
  • Monitoring security controls, monitoring tools, and agents
  • ISC2-CAP certification exam preparation

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We will go above & beyond our duty to ensure that you obtain the best training and become well equipped to enter the job market. We equally organize ad-hoc

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