• Our most popular training bundle offers three distinct, in-demand career paths: Linux Systems Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer.

  • Our Classroom is Equipped with the best Training MATERIALS

  • Our Security Course delivers high quality and exceptionally rigorous Security + CE training, alongside real-world practical exposure to a variety of advanced security tools

  • We will go above & beyond our duty to ensure that you obtain the best training and become well equipped to enter the job market. We equally organize ad-hoc

Why People Choose us

Our instructors have a combined 30+ years experience in systems engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Our industry experience and expertise allow us to tailor our training programs to suit the needs of the marketplace. Join our team today and together we will shape your future and change your story!

We pride ourselves in ensuring our students are prepared to pass industry certification exams and validate their professional skills. We offer training in Cybersecurity, Systems Administration & Engineering, Cloud Computing (AWS), and DevOps.

Our training provides the comprehensive skill set needed to thrive in the global economy. Our programs are carefully designed to simplify information technology concepts, allowing newcomers to hit the ground running and be able to quickly move on to more advanced applications. our graduates are better positioned to meet the requirements of prospective employers and they enjoy consistently better hiring outcomes.

Thankfully, we’re located in the Northern Virginia-DC metro area. That is why having a price range that is fair, affordable, and attainable for any prospective student is what makes our fees so unique! Why pay equal amount at boot camps for just 3day training. With our rates, we provide several months of training.

  • Start Improving Your Career Life Today





Both online and n-class training is equipped with many tools and resources that help our students to gain real-world exposure and experience.

But every once in a while, something changes just enough so that the things you’ve always done are no longer working. Employees become less productive, sales decrease and your competitors cut their prices in order to attract your customers. How do you regain clarity, focus and direction when you feel like you’re no longer in control? Or perhaps things are going well. Your company is growing quickly, and with that growth come challenges.

We Offer a Range of IT Training Programs

Linux Systems

Administration & Engineering

AWS Cloud





CompTIA Security+




EC-Council C|EH


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Our Training Pricing Table



per student

  • 4 month Security+ & CAP Training
  • Free security+ Certification Exam Voucher (Must pay fees in full within the first 2months of training to be eligible!)



per student

  • 6months total training duration:
  • First 3months cover Linux training (RHCSA & RHCSE exam preparation)
  • Additional 1.5months to obtain DevOps automation skills
  • Additional 1.5months for AWS Cloud Computing skills.



per student

  • 4months Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)
  • 2 additional months for Licensed Penetration Testing (LPT)

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